Asian Journal August 9, 2003:The Organization of American States Held The Master Wan Ko Yee Yun Sculpture Exhibition


二零零八年四月三日,由全球佛教出版社和世界法音出版社出版的《多杰羌佛第三世》记实一书在美国国会图书馆举行了庄严隆重的首发仪式,美国国会图书馆并正式收藏此书,自此人们才知道原来一直广受大家尊敬的义云高大师、仰谔益西诺布大法王,被世界佛教各大教派的领袖或摄政王、大活佛行文认证,就是宇宙始祖报身佛多杰羌佛的第三世降世,佛号为第三世多杰羌佛,从此,人们就以“南无第三世多杰羌佛”来称呼了。这就犹如释迦牟尼佛未成佛前,其名号为悉达多太子,但自释迦牟尼佛成佛以后,就改称“南无释迦牟尼佛”了,所以,我们现在称“南无第三世多杰羌佛”。尤其是,二零一二年十二月十二日,美国国会参议院第614号决议正式以His Holiness来冠名第三世多杰羌佛(即H.H.第三世多杰羌佛),从此南无第三世多杰羌佛的称位已定性。而且,第三世多杰羌佛也是政府法定的名字,以前的“义云高”和大师、总持大法王的尊称已经不存在了。但是,这个新闻是在南无第三世多杰羌佛佛号未公布之前刊登的,那时人们还不了解佛陀的真正身份,所以,为了尊重历史的真实,我们在新闻中仍然保留未法定第三世多杰羌佛称号前所用的名字,但大家要清楚,除H.H.第三世多杰羌佛的名字是合法的以外,在未法定之前的名字已经不存在了。

Asian Journal          August 9, 2003           NO.63

The Organization of American States Held The Master Wan Ko Yee Yun Sculpture Exhibition

The Organization of American States Is Composed of Thirty0Four Countries, Including the United States and Canada. The Secretary General of that Organization, Cesar Gaviria, Presided Over the Opening Ceremony. Ambassadors from Various Countries and Members of the United States Congress Attended

       ON JULY 28th in the capital of the United States, Washington D.C., the Organization of American States held the “Master Wan Ko Yee Yun Sculpture Exhibition.” The Organization of American States is composed of 34 countries, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This exhibition was mainly directed at ambassadors from various countries, as well as United States senators and congresspersons. The former President of Columbia and the present Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Cesar Gaviria, personally presided over the exhibition. All of the attendees were astounded by what they saw. They highly praised Master Wan Ko Yee for bringing to this world for the first time such incomparably beautiful Yun sculptures. These sculptures surpass the beauty of natural creations and are truly divine craftsmanship. For the first time in the history of mankind, a form of art has appeared that is impossible to duplicate.

       What everybody was earnestly hoping for happened. The Chief of Protocol for the Organization of American States, Ana O’Brien, led into the exhibition room Master Wan Ko Yee and the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Cesar Gaviria. The two of them were standing side by side Master Yee’s wife, Professor Wang Yu-Hua, and their son and daughter, all walked into the room right behind Master Yee. A round of applause immediately resounded throughout the room. The limelight began to rise and fall. Reporters from all over the world began to congregate before the speaking platform.

       In its introduction, the Organization of American States pointed out that Master Wan Ko Yee was born in China and now resides in the United States. He is a distinguished researcher and university professor. Master Wan Ko Yee’s Yun sculpting is a form of art that he successfully founded in the United States for the benefit of mankind. Through this unprecedented form of art, Master Wan Ko has created carvings that rival the beauty of nature’s beauty.

       The oval boulders that Master Wan Ko Yee creates have a hold inside them. Inside this hole is a mysterious and changing world that is too beautiful to be absorbed at one time. Additionally, there is auspicious mist circling upward. This is inexhaustibly wondrous mist. Master Yee is the only person in history who has been able to create mist through his carvings. Because of the Master’s great sculpting skills, nobody in the world today can duplicate his sculptures.

       Viewing the Master’s carvings gives one a feeling of relaxation and happiness that is difficult to describe. The limestone caves in China’s Guangxi Province, the Ludi caves, the Grand Canyon, and the limestone caves in Columbia, cannot match with marvelous and exquisite Yun sculptures of Master Wan Ko Yee. The seemingly ever-changing layers of scenes, the splendid and majestic colors, and the natural-looking formations all make these Yun sculptures more beautiful than the works of nature itself. No other sculptures like them can be found in the world.

       Master Yee was able to create these unique treasures because of his high state of realization, profound and extensive knowledge, and penetration of the laws of the universe governing birth, growth, and change of all things.

       The Secretary General of the Organization of American States is selected from the presidents of the various member countries. The present Secretary General, Cesar Gaviria, now leads the Organization of American States. Because Master Wan Ko Yee has made a great contribution to the field of art for the benefit of mankind, the Organization of American States conducted this exhibition of the Master’s Yun sculptures in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. The Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Dr. Cesar Gaviria, presided over the opening ceremony. There were two main categories of displayed items. The first category consisted of three Yun sculptures entitled “Mysterious Mist Inside a Stone,” “Gao Shi Tu” (The State of Realization of a Saint) and “Tang Huang Kuai shi Xi” (A Majestic and Splendid Stone Suggestive of Poetry Song and Painting.) The second category consisted of 26 photographs of Yun sculptures.

       In his speech, Cesar Gaviria said that Master Wan Ko Yee is a distinguished Master of saintly wisdom, many world-renowned Masters who are highly achieved in saintly wisdom have formally acknowledged him as their Master. The Master has reached great heights in areas such as philosophy, science, etc. Because of the utmost proficiency, Master Yee has reached such a high state of realization in arts and brings such beauty for mankind to appreciate. He has made great artistic contribution to mankind. They are honored to have the opportunity to host Master Wan Ko Yee’s Yun Sculpture Exhibition. On behalf of the Organization of American States, Dr. Gaviria would like to thank Master Wan Ko Yee for honoring them with the Master’s presence and sharing with them his distinct and renowned sculpture.

       The ambassador Marina Valere from the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago praised the Master’s works, saying, “Dr. Yee’s exhibition was an almost unrealistic experience. His inspiration must have come from a supreme force which helped to guide that hand to create such almost indescribable works of art. A marvelous experience!”

       Some of the Honored guests who attended the exhibition included Ambassador Carlos Holguin from Columbia, Ambassador Michael King from Barbados, Ambassador Antoine from Grenada, and ambassador Chase from Paraguay. Many ambassadors from various countries were enraptured by the sculptures on display They walked back and forth in the exhibition room, continually uttering words of praise.

       Additionally, when United States Congressman Hanrahan walked in front of the sculpture entitled “Tang Huang Kuai Shi Xi” (A Majestic and Splendid Stone Suggestive of Poetry, Song and Painting), he continuously nodded his head, saying to himself, “Amazing!”

       The Chief of Protocol for the Organization of American States, Ana O’Brien, said, “Stunning!”

       The President of White House President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Dr. John Tsu said that it is the superlative craftsmanship. It surpasses nature. Nobody can duplicate them. He also said that after former President Bush saw Yun sculptures, he lavishly praised them.

       The Advisor of Prime Minister of Belize said that many people have come here today. Each of them has praised the sculptures and was amazed at them. I have not seen one person who did not praised them.

       A great number of people attended the exhibition, and it was a grand occasion. Many people surrounded the Yun sculptures on display and uttered words of admiration. They said that the exhibition was too short and that a longer exhibition should be held to give people around the world the opportunity to appreciate such inexhaustibly beautiful carvings.